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Main advantage compared to other chlorine dioxide delivery systems
Main advantage of TwinOxide® compared to other chloring dioxide delivery systems are its ease of storage, distribution and shelf life.

Microbiological Advantages

  • Stronger, efficacious and faster biocidal function;
  • Independant working within a wide range of pH-Value (pH 4-10);
  • Significantly more disinfection power compared to chlorine products;
  • Many times more oxidizing power compared to chlorine products;
  • Effective removal of biofilms and no resistance building by micro organisms.

Environmental Advantages

  • Limited sewage load compared to other water disinfection agents;
  • No strange taste occurrences – improved taste and improved color of water.

Economical Advantages

  • Low volume and low concentration of chlorine dioxide;
  • No investment cost in production equipment;
  • No construction modifications or certifications;
  • No highly educated & trained employees required;
  • Cost of operation concerns a dosage pump with maintenance.

Advantages of TwinOxide as water disinfectant

  • Effective against all water related micro organisms (bacteria, viruses, protozoan, fungi, yeast);
  • High performance as disinfectant and biocide;
  • No resistance building by micro organisms;
  • Removal of Prophylaxis on Bio Films;
  • Fully operational on pH-levels between 4 and 10;
  • Negligible corrosive effects compared to the corrosive damages of drinking water-> no material application limitations;
  • The bactericidal performance is at pH-levels between 4 and 10 very steady -> as a consequence addition of acids (industrial or citric) is not necessary;
  • Due to a continuous addition of chlorine dioxide for disinfection to the recycled water all pipes and places in the circuit can be reached and disinfected.